Keg Naught

A warlord Barbarian Half-Shou/Half-Orc from Thesk. He is as kind as he is strong.


Keg Naught

AC: 19; HP: 45; Fort: 6; Ref: 4; Will: 5

Weapon: A +1 Greatclub


Keg was a friend of Dolan the Dwarf, and was kidnapped by the Bandits of Two Towers along with the caravan he was traveling with. Keg and Dolan were the only two to survive the initial attack. Keg was imprisoned by the bandits for nearly 6 months before being freed by the Dawn Bringers. After a fight in the throne room with the bandit leader, Keg decided to aid his new friends in acquiring a ship to get them to the Dalelands.

Currently, Keg is trapped in Telflamm.

Keg Naught

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